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Through years of experience, Rincon continues to provide our customers with products that go above and beyond expectations. Our expertise also shows in our hardware and software products that impact the future of digital signal processing.


Daring to go where no man has gone before, Rincon provides customized FPGA-based products, ranging from modular assemblies to complete subsystem solutions. We're not afraid to work on intrinsic problems requiring deep knowledge of technology and operations.


Rincon provides federal agencies with engineering solutions and services including:

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Midas Tools

Rincon uses the Midas family of software in its worldwide signal processing algorithm development, general purpose signal analysis, and in the prototyping of deliverable systems.

Our key development role today is through projects like X-MPY, an X-Midas option tree that enables support for writing X-Midas primitives in C or C++, as well as support for writing primitives and macros in the Python scripting language.


Products & Services
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